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March 15, 2009

Negara, Brunei, Darusalam.

NINO SURBAN of team Philippines under the leadership of Philcycling President, Mayor ABRAHAM TOLENTINO beat the 24th SEA GAMES Gold medalist TAWACHAI MASAE of Thailand, according to Philcycling Chairman BOYING RODRIGUEZ the SEA MTB Championship in Negara, Brunei, Darusalam , is a rematch of the MTB CROSSCOUNTRY 2007 SEA GAMES in Thailand, where MASAE won Gold medal, Quinones Silver, and Nino Bronze medal.

This would also a preview of the 25TH SAE GAMES MTB in Laos this coming December 2009. The Danao City Sports Commission sponsored cyclist single handedly battle two man team from Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore the event is sanctioned by the UCI.

  1. karljustin says:

    wow congrats!

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