Posted: December 10, 2009 by Trowel in news items, records

after denial by uci, i heard “they” will defy?


competitions in regional games are ran by IFs. and IF referees and officials adhere to their respective IF regulations.

laos as host is merely hosting the games. unless the seag federation has its ground rules and decides to break protocol- ioc’s, IFs’, etc – they can go on and defy. but it’s no longer within the bounds of the ioc and olympic movement.

and because IFs run the events, IF accredited or licensed officials and referees administer each event. the uci has spoken – one country-one federation, no uci license-no participation. UCI commissaires will run the seag, and they are governed by uci regulations. they could not defy regulations, or else they lose their licenses. each uci commissaire passed through stringent training – theoretical and actual – and they are chosen beforehand, or even before they are accepted to attend a uci commissaires’ course.

pat mcquaid’s decision is not his personal decision. it is based on uci regulations, which have been the bible of cycling even long before pat became the IF president. the uci bible says so – not pat, not bambol, not any individual or personality in the uci. anyone can check on regulations. it’s all there. it was not made to favor bambol and deny mikee, poc or gtk, but it was made to uphold the sport of cycling to the highest logical and global level.

by Director Jun Lomibao


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