Before conclusions are drawn…

Posted: December 14, 2009 by Trowel in opinions

A press release says “The selfish and treacherous act of Mr. Tolentino in refusing to sign our players’ licenses despite the favorable recommendation of all the participating nations of ASEAN would easily mean the loss of at least four gold medals for our over-all campaign. It is the most detestable and cowardly act of any Fiipino who has no care at all for Philippine flag and country,” the letter said.

This is an effort to pass the blame on Mr. Tolentino who was not offered to sign the licenses of the other cyclists even in a temporary nature. On the other vein, if Mr. Tolentino was offered to sign the licenses, it would be in violation of his
functions, as the cyclists are not members of the Tolentino Philcycling.

There is only one solution to this, POC must recognize the true Philcycling of Mr. Lina of which Mr. Tolentino is only
a successor
by virtue of a valid election recognized by the UCI. If POC can do this, then Tolentino’s Philcyling can then ask a permission from the UCI to call a general assembly, conduct a revalidation of all cycling teams from both ends, conduct an EMERGENCY election and PUT AN END TO THIS. The enemy of this solution is PURE AND SIMPLE EGO.

  1. Coilover says:

    Anonymous // December 16, 2009 5:42 AM

    What the hell is happening? Bakit naman ganyan yang POC na yan.. Epal eh. Kung sa ibang bansa yan baka pina firing squad na kayo. This is TREASON!!! Namumulitika na naman yung iba jan gaya ni Graham Lim… Dapat pinapalayas ng Pinas yang mga ganyang tao eh.. Let them compete… All for one one for all kau jan! Alam niyo naman pala na hindi licensed yung iba ipinilit niyo pa. Palibhasa sanay kayo sa pinipilit ang hindi dapat/mali … Tsk nakakahiya kayo!

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