On POC and Bitbit

Posted: December 17, 2009 by Trowel in news items

600,000. That’s the number of pesos in incentives cyclist Maritess Bitbit will not get because she was pressured by the POC not to compete in Laos. A multi-gold medalist, she was good for at least two golds or one gold and one silver in three cycling events. The POC leadership asked her not to race, even if she was the only cyclist who had the license to, because she should join 12 other cyclists who could not compete because they were not accredited. A sad tale, because the POC knew all along that the International Cycling Union (UCI) recognized the cycling group headed by PhilCycling president Mayor Bambol Tolentino and not the other group to which the 12 cyclists belong. Alas, politics again spoils Philippine sports. Alack, this frustration may give Bitbit a lifetime of anguish. Surf the net for angry reactions to this POC move.

8. It’s only eight days till Christmas. And in the spirit of the season, let’s forgive, forget, rekindle friendships, start anew, join hands, build instead of break down, and be truly unselfish with our intentions. Are you listening, sports officials? You can be the best gift to Philippine sports, if you only think of the athletes first and yourselves last. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.
Written by Tessa Jazmines / Part Of The Game / tjazmines@yahoo.com
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 20:14
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