Herald Sun World Cycling Classic, Ballarat – Sunday 26th September 2010

Posted: May 24, 2010 by Trowel in events, races, Uncategorized

Herald Sun World Cycling Classic, Ballarat – Sunday 26th September 2010
In response to requests from several Federations the UCI have approved Cycling Australia’s hosting of
The Herald Sun World Cycling Classic, Ballarat in conjunction with the Melbourne 2010 organising
The event will consist of two races, a women’s race of approximately 90km and a men’s race combined
with U23 men of approximately 120km. The course will be a 19km circuit fully closed to traffic and will
be fully supported by neutral service.
The race will be an individual Road Race conducted under UCI and Cycling Australia regulations, riders
will be required to race in their trade team clothing not their countries uniform.
Hosted in the beautiful City of Ballarat, home of Australia’s National Road Championships, only a one
hour drive from Melbourne or Geelong the race will give riders an opportunity to warm up ahead of the
World Championships the following week.
Federations that participate in the Ballarat event will have access to their team vehicles to allow them to
travel to Ballarat for the race.
There will be no entry fee to race however Federations will be required to pre enter their riders. Official
entry forms will be sent to each Federation.
Expressions of interest are now being accepted by way of email to Event Manager, Karin Jones at
Melbourne 2010 UCI Road Cycling Championships, karin.jones@cycling.org.au


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