Congratulations Mark Guevarra 7 Eleven Racing Team by Roadbike Philippines

Posted: March 14, 2011 by Trowel in announcements, races, records
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Mark Guevarra 7 Eleven Racing Team by Roadbike Philippines
Silver Medalist ” KING OF THE MOUNTAIN ”
Tour of Jelajah, Malaysia 2011
March 8 – 13, 2011


After covering 1011kms, 6 stages of the Jelajah Tour of Malaysia 2011, the 7 Eleven Racing Team by RoadBike Philippines finish the race in high notes and a lot of promises considering that olny 3 riders in Tots Oledan,Mark Galedo and Eric Obosa were left to carry the fight for the team from the 5th stage onwards to the finish after the team lost Irish Valenzuela in the 3rd stage where he was among the casualties in mass a spill which caused damage to his bicycle. At that time he was in the 11th overall after 2nd stage and in the 4th stage another casualty in Lloyd Reynante sufferered two successive mechanical problem in his bicycle which caused him to finish the stage in the broom wagon.

But in the 5th stage Tots Oledan won 7th place in the stage and climb 9th overall in the General Individual Classification,

In the 6th and final stage, Mark Galedo was 3rd place in the 1st KOM and 2nd place in the 2nd KOM which enable him to climb back to a silver medal finish in the KOM competition of the tour after leading the competition in the 1st stage.

In the Final Results, Tots Oledan finish 11th overall among the 171 starters and 5th in the best Asian Rider category among the 72 remaining asians, Mark Galedo is 33rd and Eric Obosa in the 60th. The team is in the 14th placing among the 30 competing teams.

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