anyone who has picture of the athletes listed here, please email us.

Posted: November 16, 2012 by Trowel in announcements

Hi Sir, My name is Lorenzo Gahol and I am a writer based in Makati City. I would just like to inquire if you have photos of the following Filipino cyclists who have competed in past Olympics. Norberto Arceo (1960) Daniel Olivares (1960) Cornelio Padilla (1960) Arturo Romero (1960) Benjamin Evangelista (1968) Rolando Guaves (1968) Roberto Roxas (1968) Maximo Junta (1972) Deograves Asuncion (1984) Rodolfo Guaves (1984) Diomedes Panton (1984) Edgardo Pagarigan (1984) Norberto Oconer (1988, 1992) Bernardo Rimarim (1988) Domingo Villanueva (1988, 1992) I would like to use their photos in a book about Filipino Olympians that I am doing. I envisioned my book to be a coffee table book containing the profiles and photos of every Filipino athlete who has represented the country in the Olympics since 1924. Thank you very much.


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