Race Invitation Protocols

check this for our Race Invitation Protocols
There is a post on the subject, you can do a search by typing “protocol” or you can just click this.

  1. gil pantinople says:

    hindi po kasi ako member ng club .pwede ba mag apply ng license

  2. I am organizing a bike race for charity. The munipalities whre this race will go through already approved and welcomes the event for charity.

    what is the protocol?

    • Trowel says:

      if you desire our sanction, the protocol is on the website. If you dont have our sanction, you can have any race any way you would want. Our sanction will go with it authorized officials and commissaires who are well versed in the rules.

  3. Roel says:

    how to become a member? I am organizing a mt bike club with my friends please guided us how it is to set up in proper manner.
    Many thanks,

  4. Eileen B. Habawel, MD says:

    Ifugao province is having a fun bike not a race. we would like to post it and invite cyclists. how do we do it?

  5. Apollo G. Narciso,MD says:

    I have a son who is in grade 10 now and a mtb enthusiast,i would like him to compete for his school in palarong pambansa but his school has no mtb team,please help what shoul i do

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