About ICFP

The Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines (ICFP) or commonly known as PHILCYCLING is the official and National Sports Association of Cycling in the Philippines organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  It is the only recognized local cycling federation by the Union Cycliste Internationale (International Federation), the Asian Cycling Confederation and the Asian Cycling Association.

Official government support on this NSA comes from the funding of the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee.  Currently, various Non-Government Organizations and corporations such as Standard Insurance, Air 21, LBC Cargo, 7/11, Go-for-Gold , MVP Foundation have been tapped to support the Federation, more particularly, the Philippine Cycling Team.

For all your queries and suggestions, please email us at   philcycling@gmail.com.

  1. Alfredo B. Baylon says:

    My observation among our Espoir and even Senior cyclists is that they do not have access to proper information with regard to physical training and nutrition. They don’t even know ICFP and UCI as governing body. I suggest ICFP must take the initiative by having a symposium for cycling coaches and trainers if ever there exist such a group or if none then the more this group must come into being for the benefit of our cyclists. This is the logical move, to first conduct seminars and trainings for riders rather that launching races or competition that does not upgrade their understanding – set the mind first. Coaches and trainers are the think tank that produce winners. Our national cycling regulatory body had been in existence for quite sometime yet organizational wise we lag behind from even among our newly exposed neighbors into the cycling culture. It is high time that licence and accreditations must be in effect in this country. By doing this we will elevate from that level of mediocrity as sportsmen. We may not all have a cohesiveness as to the direction of Philippine cycling but by all means we have to upgrade since there are those whose focus is in winning the competition that a functional organizational body must provide the means. That is the main thrust of Olympic spirit and why there is a national governing body of a particular sport. This symposium will be the brainstorming process to first assess our sad plight and produce an acceptable training method. Let this be the first LINK UP for Philcycling to prioritize. All we have to do is to have a case study on Columbia of south america and Cuba. If ever Myanmar will beat us – then we may had been using a wrong wheel and its time to re-invent it or pack-up for good.

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