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NSA Listing for POC Election

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MANILA, Philippines – Cycling’s world governing body has slammed the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) for its failure to settle the leadership row between local cycling leaders.

“Such a long pending situation is not acceptable for the sporting activity in the Philippines,” said Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) president Pat McQuaid in a letter to the POC and PhilCycling on March 1.

McQuaid was referring to the feud of the two warring factions: Philippine Cycling (PhilCycling), which is headed by Tagaytay City Mayor Bambol Tolentino, and the Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines (ICFP) of former Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chair Philip Ella Juico.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had noted in a letter to the POC in 2009 the rules on National Olympic Committee (NOC) membership and affiliation with International Federations (IF), and it was cited again by McQuaid.

CYCLING leaders led by Tagaytay City Mayor Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino and former Philippine Sports Commission chief Philip Ella Juico have been invited to appear before a Congressional hearing on Feb. 15 to shed light on the leadership dispute in the association.

The inquiry will be held by LPGMA Party List Rep. Arnel U. Ty who filed House Resolution 766 last Jan. 31 asking the Committee on Youth and Sports Development to investigate, in aid of legislation, the present state of the PhilCycling.

The inquiry also intends to look into the poor performance of Filipino riders in the Guangzhou Asian Games last year and determine ways to improve their showing in local and international competitions.

Also invited to the hearing are Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose Cojuangco Jr. and PSC chairman Richie Garcia.

Tolentino is recognized by the Union Cycliste International, the international federation for the sport, but his leadership is not recognized by the POC.


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This resolution SUSPENDS the grant of allowance to the Cycling Pool effective January 31, 2011 until the leadership issue for Cycling Sport is resolved by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

POC won’t recognize Juico as cycling head

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Jose Cojuangco, POC president, yesterday said recognizing Juico’s election will not help solve the problem in the sport since there’s another group claiming to be the rightful association.

Cojuangco said the other group, headed by Tagaytay City Mayor Abraham Tolentino, continues to enjoy the recognition of the Union Cycliste International, the world governing body in the sport.

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Philippine Olympic Committee spokesman Joey Romasanta said on Tuesday the Olympic body would continue pushing for the unification race that would determine the country’s cyclists for the 2010 Asian Games even after POC-recognized PhilCycling group ousted its leader, Arnulfo Taberdo.

THE Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines (PhilCycling) will not allow anyone to derail the unified national cycling open race scheduled on July 19 to 25 at two venues.
POC spokesperson Joey Roma-santa, also the chief of mission for the Guangzhou 16th Asian Games in November, and PhilCycling President Abraham Tolentino slammed the renegade cycling group for attempting to halt the unification process.

“There is no reason to cancel the unification cycling race,” said Roma-santa, who slammed the renegade cycling leaders led by Armando Bautista for ousting their president Arnulfo Taberdo caused by lack of trust and confidence.

Taberdo is the other signatory in the memorandum of agreement signed by Tolentino, the Tagaytay city mayor, to push through the cycling unification and qualifying race for the Asian Games, which will be held in Amoranto Velodrome and Subic.

Ramon Cruz replaced Taberdo, according to the resolution filed by the renegade group. But the POC, said Romasanta, will honor only the signature of Taberdo.

Romasanta also thanked Tolentino for being cooperative in the unification process.

Jojo Villa, the executive director of PhilCycling under Tolentino, said he would cooperate immediately with the POC for the coming cycling event. (josef ramos)

Romero resigns from POC Philcycling

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Romero resigns and his vP ricky Cruz will take over. This doesn’t change anything if POC still recognize their illegitimate philcycling.

Tolentino and Chairman Oscar Rodriguez is offering the Chairmanship to Romero, if only to unite Philcycling. In fact, in the election of the legitimate Philcycling, Romero was expected to come to head it. He did not appear though.

Will POC still continue to be stubborn. With a lot of ego on their head, it is believed that they will, unless the spirit of Christmas comes in, trouble will continue to hound.

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so why did you not talk to tolentino

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“The SEA Games Federation has sympathized with us and help us convince UCI president Pat McQuaid. But his response was to talk to Tolentino which the SEAGF did. But he refused because he wants the POC to be the one to talk to him and asked for the license,” explained Cojuangco.

so why did you not talk to Tolentino, if your allegation is true.

just a reaction from this post:

Romasanta explained that under the circumstances, the POC could not make a direct request to Tolentino because of “international repercussions” concerning the authority of a National Olympic Committee. The problem was the POC recognized another NSA president for cycling Mikee Romero who resigned the position the other day.

“international repurcussions” = ego

POC defies IOC order

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POC defies IOC advice

THE PHILIPPINE OLYMPIC COMMITTEE has continued to defy an advice from the International Olympic Committee to accept as member a national sports association recognized by its international federation.

Party list representative Carisa Coscolluela, acknowledged by the Federation Equestre International (FEI) as the new president of the Equestrian Association of the Philippines (EAP), was again barred yesterday from attending the POC general assembly presided by Jose Cojuangco Jr., the former EAP president.

Cojuangco later raised the threat of canceling cycling’s stint in the December Southeast Asian Games in Laos after the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), based on instruction from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), warned that only the riders certified by PhilCycling president Abraham Tolentino will be accepted in the SEAG.

Although Tolentino’s election was upheld by UCI, the POC chose to recognize basketball team owner and patron Mikee Romero, who took over as PhilCycling president when Rolando Hiso gave up the post recently.

In a letter sent to the POC last July 20, IOC Director for National Olympic Committee relations Pere Miro, citing the Olympic charter, said that a national federation must be affiliated to an international federation recognized by the IOC before the NSA could be accepted as a member of an NOC.

“We hope that this will help clarify or resolve the matters pending and reinforce close coordination and collaboration between your NOC, the NFs and the IFs concerned which, we believe, will benefit the development of sports and the athletes in the Philippines,” added Miro.

FEI secretary general Alexander McLin had reaffirmed Coscolluela’s election in a letter sent last week to Cojuangco.

In the case of cycling, ACC president Hee Wook Cho said the UCI instruction honoring only the Tolentino-sanctioned riders includes the 2009 SEAG in Vientianne and other Asian-level meets where the Philippines will compete.

“We cannot be dictated upon. We will not surrender our rights to these foreigners,” said Cojuangco, adding that “the authority to send athletes to the SEA Games still belongs to the POC.”