Details of the General Assembly has been finalized over part 1 of the General Assembly on December 28, 2020 via Zoom App. Representative must come with a valid authorization from the Club President/Secretary. Antigen swabbing will be in effect and only those with negative results will be allowed entry into the venue.

2016 Officers of Philcyling

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Mr. Bert Lina Chairman
Rep. Abraham N. Tolentino President
Mr. Oscar Rodriguez Vice-President
Atty. Avelino M. Sumagui Secretary General
Mr. Joselito Manalo Treasurer
Ms. Maria Jovita Tan Auditor
Mr. Lorenzo Lomibao PRO
 – vacant – Athletes’ Commission
Mr. Carlos Gredona Trustee
Mr. Juancho Ramores Trustee
Mr. Jose Villa Trustee
Mr. Paquito Rivas Trustee
Mr. Moe Chulani Trustee
Mr. Marcus Andaya Trustee
Mr. Pablito Sual Trustee
Mr. Ronnie Ferrer Trustee
Mr. Carlos Gredoña Director for Cycling for All
Mr. Oscar Rodriguez Director for Off-Road Discipline
Mr. Lorenzo Lomibao Director for Road and Track


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email us at:

Satellite Office:  Sumagui Law Office, Mendez Crossing, Tagaytay City 4120



UCI logo 2019


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This is the message for all clubs who were not able to update their membership with PHILCYCLING.

We did not receive your UPDATER FORM falling due today, December 22, 2020. Your club will now be delisted from the masterlist and we will not be sending you any emails anymore. PHILCYCLING will be regionalized under the new amendments and we hope that you can still register under your region. Our updates may be viewed at our website at or at our facebook page.

2018 TIPS FOR MTB, BMX and Off Road Discipline

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TIPS AND ANNOUNCEMENT FOR DOWNHILL, MTB, BMX, FLATLAND, FREESTYLE RIDERS, SKATEBOARDERS, LONG BOARDERS. In connection with the preparation for the Seagames 2019, you are advised that the possible venues for your event will be in TAGAYTAY CITY and the NEIGHBORING TOWNS. Should you intend to represent the Philippines for the Seagames, be ready to shred the trails around these areas and establish your convincing runs and laptimes. The UCI quality BMX track and skateboard park will be ready soon and there is a possibility that the Ternate Caybiang downhill might be used for downhill longboarding. For purposes of qualification, join the different races across the country and even abroad. Results in such races will be given credit by Philcycling into your inclusion for the Philippine Team. Whenever you race, be sure to get a copy of the race results and pictures of the event. This time, even your “pistahan” races will count, provided your certified race can be verified to have occurred. However, sanctioned Philcycling races will have more points. Race classifications will be given points depending on distance, terrain, elevation gains and its technical aspects. While you are enjoying your training, step it up and aim for some millions. Money doesn’t have to come from lotto, sometimes we have to pedal more. It’s time to be in the headlines.


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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: To all those who are asking for our preparations for the Seagames, we are shaking the team right now for that and our main goal is a shot at the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 which we never had since 1992. The qualifying points will start this October and the campaign starts at that month. Since the Seagames 2019 will be held in November, the team and cyclists who have campaigned for the Olympic points (ending Oct 2019) will then be highly prepared for the Seagames. Our renewed campaign is being supported by Air 21, LBC, Standard Insurance, Go for Gold, MVP Foundation, 7-11, Cong. Abraham Tolentino and of course, PSC and POC.
As a result of that vision, the Board announces that the Federation has dissolved the Road and Track Cyclists and Coaching Staff, the dissolution of which takes effect on September 15, 2018; to give way to the formation of the super team which has been floating over the newspapers for several months.
The initial list of cyclists composing the National Team shall be based on the UCI ranking and the ranking they may have from local and international competitions. The coaching slates are also open to all applicants who are duly equipped with proper certifications as to their level of experience, education, ability to discipline the athletes and psychological ascendance. Thus the criteria shall be objective in character. Director Lorenzo Jun Lomibao Jr. has been designated as Head of the qualification/selection of cyclists, coaches and their staff.
Applications may be directly sent to in pdf form. Should you have submitted before, you are advised to re-submit your applications together with all the attachments you may deem best evaluated. You may also send your application via surface mail to Philcycling at Sumagui Law Office, Mendez Crossing, Tagaytay City, 4120. The application is not limited to Filipinos as we are also accepting applications from Foreign Coaches.
Without a vision, we may never attain the best for our cyclists. Critics will say it is an impossibility to be in Olympics, but if we don’t give it a shot, then truly it will be impossible because we have never tried. God be with us on this endeavor.

Philippine Contingent to London PruRide

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ACC New Email

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Greetings from Asian Cycling Confederation

Please note that the new email ID of the Asian Cycling Confederation is


Onkar Singh Secretary General, Asian Cycling Confederation


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bmx 2015 myanmar invitation




Elite Category

Name Race # Time
Mark John Lexer Galedo – Champion 16 2:28:33
Marcelo Felipe -1st Runner Up 20 2:28:34
Jan Paul Morales 2nd Runner Up 5 2:30:22
Ronald Oranza 3 2:30:27
Jun Rey Navarra 13 2:30:27
Boots Ryan Cayubit 17 2:30:27
Rustom Lim 8 2:31:43
Baler Ravina 19 2:31:43
Nelson Martin 11 2:32:45
Rudy Roque 4 2:33:48
George Oconer 7 2:33:48
Lloyd Renante 1 2:36:44
Santy Barnachea 2 2:36:44
Ronnel Hualda 14 2:40:03
Joel Calderon 6 2:40:03
Ericson Obosa 18 2:40:03
Gerald Valdez 12 2:57:22
Jerry Aquino Jr. 9 2:57:22
Julius Mark Bonzo 10 2:57:22


Name Race # Time
John Mark Camingao – Champion 51 2:28:34
El Joshua Carino – 1st Runner Up 52 2:31:43
Jerard Estilo – 2nd Runner Up 60 2:34:08
Jay-Ar Martin 62 2:36:20
Dominic Simon Perez 61 2:40:03
Ar-Jay Peralta 63 2:40:03
Vladimir Ulanday 53 2:46:48
Job Christian Babagay 59 2:58:30


Name Race # Time
Jay Lampawog – Champion 64 1:35:27
Mervin Corpuz -1st Runner up 102 1:39:12
Rex Luis Krog – 2nd Runner Up 105 1:39:12
Daniel Ven Carino 101 1:39:12
Adrian Zafe 106 1:40:18
Albert V. Gile 107 1:41:42
Juan Carlos Barrios 103 1:43:57
Kin Kenneth G. Krog 104 DNF


Name Race # Time
Jermyn Prado 151 1:42:42


Elite Category

Name Race # Time
Ronald Oranza – CHAMPION 3 36:29:191
Mark John Lexer Galedo – 1st Runner Up 16 36:58:683
Marcelo Felipe – 2nd Runner Up 20 37:27:118
Jun Rey Navarra 13 38:29:191
Boots Ryan Cayubit 17 38:44:077
Rudy Roque 4 38:44:077
Julius Mark Bonzo 10 38:57:399
Baler Ravina 19 39:09:773
Rustom Lim 8 39:11:675
Nelson Martin 11 39:22:683
Joel Calderon 6 39:55:139
Lloyd Renante 1 40:48:760
Santy Barnachea 2 41:42:163
Jerry Aquino Jr. 9 41:58:951
Gerard Valdez 12 44:50:413


Name Race # Time
Jhon Mark Camingao – CHAMPION 51 38:05.713
El Joshua Carino – 1st Runner Up 52 38:53.973
Ronald Lomotos – 2nd Runner Up 54 41:40:083
Lawrence Mendoza 55 42:28.305
Jerald Estilo 60 43:01:874
Jay-Ar Martin 62 43:54:900
Job Christian Babagay 59 45:09.111
Christian Mercado 65 45:19.896
Dominic Simon Perez 61 45:25:216
Joshua Gile 56 48:40.939


Name Race # Time
Jay Lampawog – CHAMPION 64 39:29:001
Daniel Ven Carino – 1st Runner Up 101 40:02:147
Rex Luis Krog – 2nd Runner Up 105 42:52:138
Mervin Corpuz 102 43:48:748
Adrian Zafe 106 45:31.982
Juan Carlos Barrios 108 47:17.472
Morelon McCulley 108 49:54:105
Albert Gile 107 52:13:412


Name Race # Time
Jermyn Prado 151 49:38.625


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Mens Road Race: Flat circuit race. Race ended in bunch sprint (mass sprint) finish. Malaysia are most technically capable country in SEA of executing lead outs in a flat bunch sprint. The Philippines tends to perform better in mountain climbing races.

Road Race Results:
15th George Oconer
18th Rustom Lim
21st Ronald Oranza
28th Jan Paul Morales
30th Mark Galedo
31st Jerry Aquino (flat tire)

Women’s Road Race: Flat circuit race. Race finished in bunch sprint also.

Road race results:
6th Avegail Rombaon
8th Marella Salamat

Mens criterium: Flat small circuit race. Finish was bunch sprint.

Mens Criterium results:
7th Jan Paul Morales
12th Jerry Aquino
20th George Oconer
24th Rustom Lim
27th Ronald Oranza
30th Mark Galedo

Women’s criterium: Flat circuit race ending in bunch sprint

Women’s criterium results:
6th Marella Salamat
7th Avegail Rombaon

Mens individual time trial: flat loop with small bridge.

4th Ronald Oranza
6th Mark Galedo

Women’s individual time trial: flat loop with small bridge.

1st Marella Salamat

To be competitive in flat bunch sprints in international events like SEA Games and Asian Games, Filipino cyclists must race internationally to learn that unique skill set which is rarely practiced within the style of racing found locally in the Philippines. There is much more informality in terms of teams organizing strong lead out sprints in our local races. It is quite difficult to produce results in those international races when other countries like Malaysia have perfected the technique through years of international racing experience.

Marella Salamat has Asian Games medal potential in the future (with proper support).