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Mens Road Race: Flat circuit race. Race ended in bunch sprint (mass sprint) finish. Malaysia are most technically capable country in SEA of executing lead outs in a flat bunch sprint. The Philippines tends to perform better in mountain climbing races.

Road Race Results:
15th George Oconer
18th Rustom Lim
21st Ronald Oranza
28th Jan Paul Morales
30th Mark Galedo
31st Jerry Aquino (flat tire)

Women’s Road Race: Flat circuit race. Race finished in bunch sprint also.

Road race results:
6th Avegail Rombaon
8th Marella Salamat

Mens criterium: Flat small circuit race. Finish was bunch sprint.

Mens Criterium results:
7th Jan Paul Morales
12th Jerry Aquino
20th George Oconer
24th Rustom Lim
27th Ronald Oranza
30th Mark Galedo

Women’s criterium: Flat circuit race ending in bunch sprint

Women’s criterium results:
6th Marella Salamat
7th Avegail Rombaon

Mens individual time trial: flat loop with small bridge.

4th Ronald Oranza
6th Mark Galedo

Women’s individual time trial: flat loop with small bridge.

1st Marella Salamat

To be competitive in flat bunch sprints in international events like SEA Games and Asian Games, Filipino cyclists must race internationally to learn that unique skill set which is rarely practiced within the style of racing found locally in the Philippines. There is much more informality in terms of teams organizing strong lead out sprints in our local races. It is quite difficult to produce results in those international races when other countries like Malaysia have perfected the technique through years of international racing experience.

Marella Salamat has Asian Games medal potential in the future (with proper support).



SEAGAMES June 10-14 for Cycling

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SEAGAMES BOUND CYCLIST leaving on June 8 for Singapore. Have all the luck and power to bring glory to Philippines. Jerry Aquino, Mark Mark John Lexer Galedo, Rostum Lim, Jan Paul Morales, George Oconer, Ronald Oranza, and the Females: Avegail Rombain, Marella Salamat.
Games starts on June 10 up to 14. Accompanied by Chris Allison, Coach Lobramonte and Bert Oconer. Our President will be in Singapore to check you out for real presence and support.


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December 21, 2011

Badminton Hall of PSC

Please wear respective SEA GAMES trACK SUIT
NSA Presidents are invited while the attendance of medalist athletes and coaches is a must.

so why did you not talk to tolentino

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“The SEA Games Federation has sympathized with us and help us convince UCI president Pat McQuaid. But his response was to talk to Tolentino which the SEAGF did. But he refused because he wants the POC to be the one to talk to him and asked for the license,” explained Cojuangco.

so why did you not talk to Tolentino, if your allegation is true.

just a reaction from this post:

Romasanta explained that under the circumstances, the POC could not make a direct request to Tolentino because of “international repercussions” concerning the authority of a National Olympic Committee. The problem was the POC recognized another NSA president for cycling Mikee Romero who resigned the position the other day.

“international repurcussions” = ego